Ways Pets Help Improve Your Health

Coming home from a busy day at work, you are greeted at the
door by your furry pal waiting for you. A wagging tail and a happy look on
their face is all it takes to make your hard day melt away. Having a pet
provides you with love and unconditional acceptance not to mention they are
always there for you. This bond helps drastically in mental health. Here are
some other ways pets help improve your health.
Reduced Pain. It has been shown that with
chronic pain such as arthritis, migraines and other conditions that pets can be
an affective medicine. A Loyola study found that patients that received therapy
dog visits post joint replacement needed 50% less post-op pain medication
compared to other patients.
Lower Cholesterol/Triglycerides.  The American Heart Association notes dogs
help their owners adopt a healthier lifestyle. Studies show dog owners engage
in more walking and physical activity than non-dog owners.
Lower Blood Pressure. Having a pet has shown to
decrease and help keep blood pressure in check, especially with people who are
at risk or diagnosed with high blood pressure.
Stress Management. Thanks to their continual
entertainment and loving ways pets provide a joyful mental break from whatever
stresses may be beleaguering you.
Depression Help. Along with medication in mild
to moderate depression, those with a dog/cat seem to feel better. Their
unconditional love helps with self-esteem along with positive focus provided by
caring for them.
Less Allergies. Recent studies have shown
infants exposed to dogs have up to a 50% reduced risk of developing allergies
and asthma.

Your pets are the heart and soul to your wellness. Through
their unconditional love they help you enjoy and live a healthier life!

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