Welcoming a New Cat


Adopting a new cat is an
exciting time.  However, you always want
to make sure that your new kitty feels welcome and at home.  Whether this is your first pet or you are
looking for a friend for your current cat, there are a few things that every
pet owner should keep in mind when introducing a new cat into their home.

  • Identification – This is one of the first things you should do when introducing a new kitty.  It is important to prevent any accidents by being able to easily identify your new pet.
  • Toxic Materials – Protect your new pet
    by hiding bathroom cleaners, laundry detergents and cords, making sure that the
    plants in your home are non-toxic to cats, and keeping garbage can lids secure.
  • Comfort – It’s common for cats to
    feel overwhelmed when they enter a new home.
    Buy your new cat food, toys and a scratching post before they
      This will help them feel
    comfortable right away.
      You can also help
    the cat feel comfortable by sitting near where it is hiding and speaking
  • Kittens – If you are adopting a kitten,
    it’s highly recommended that you adopt more than one.
      Kittens need constant stimulation.  A pair of kittens can keep each other
    occupied with playing and exploring together.
  • Fighting – Play wrestling is normal
    and healthy for cats.
      If the fighting
    becomes aggressive and involves hissing, then there is a problem.
      End territory battles by providing each cat with their own space.

Read more about how you can
introduce your new cat here.  You can also contact our office with any questions you have about your new pet.  We are happy to offer tips on how to help you
keep your new cat happy and healthy.

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