Wet vs. Dry Food


Deciding on the right food for your pet can be tough.  There are hundreds of different brands, flavors, textures and varieties.  When it comes to choosing wet pet food or dry pet food — which is the right one for your pet’s needs?

Benefits of Wet Food:
Wet food helps your pet stay hydrated.  If your pet is reluctant to drink enough water, wet pet food might be the right choice for them.

It’s also a great choice for older pets with missing teeth or poorly aligned jaws, who are more likely to eat foods that are richer in flavor.

Benefits of Dry Food:
It is much easier to store dry food.  It can be left out for your pet to eat at their own pace.  There is no need to worry about the food spoiling when left out.  It’s fresh and cost-effective.  Some foods can even clean their teeth as your pet chews.

Consider your lifestyle and your pet’s health needs when determining what type of pet food is best for your furry friend.  If you’re still not sure, contact one of our offices below.  We can help you discuss any of your pet’s dietary needs.

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