What Causes a Smelly Pet?


We love our pets, but any pet owner knows that despite best efforts to keep them clean – sometimes our furry friends can stink!  

There are a few reasons why your pet may smell a little funky.  Here are a few possible causes and what you can do to help them smell their best.

Possible Causes:

They Have An Ear Infection – Ear infections are common in dogs and cats.  Whether they are bacterial or fungal, ear infections are one of the biggest culprits of a smelly pet.  If your pet has an ear infection, you may notice that they shake their head in an effort to find relief.  If you think that your pet is suffering from an ear infection, schedule a visit at one of our practice and we can provide your pet with the appropriate medication for the type of infection that they have.

They Have a Dental Disease – While we brush our teeth every day, our pets don’t.  That’s why pets are so prone to dental diseases.  If you notice that your pet has bad breath, this is a sign that tartar is building up on their teeth, causing an infection.  Annual dental cleanings and regular tooth brushing habits at home will help keep your pet’s mouth healthy.
They Have a Skin Problem – Dogs and cats who suffer from allergies are prone to chronic skin infections.  This can lead to greasy coats and crusty skin – both of which can cause your pet to smell.  If you know that your pet is suffering from a skin condition, we can provide antibiotics and antifungals to help keep your pet’s fur smelling fresh.
They’re Suffering from Diarrea – Of course, excessive gas and diarrhea can be smelly.  This is often a sign of an underlying gastrointestinal disease.  Your pet may also express their anal sac (either accidentally or on purpose).  If your pet’s anal sacs are expressed frequently, it’s time to schedule a visit to see what’s wrong.

Do you have any questions about why your pet may be smelling stinky?  

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