What Dog Breeds are Best for Kids?


Deciding on the right dog breed for your family can be tough.  How do you know which type of dog will be best for your home and kids?  Here are a few tips to help you pick the right dog for your family’s lifestyle.

Best Breeds for Kids:

Bulldogs are not very energetic pets, but they are a great choice for families with kids.  They are comfortable living in large houses, as well as apartments.  While they may look a little intimidating, they tend to be friendly, gentle and loyal.

Beagles are perfect for homes with active kids.  They like lots of exercise, so be sure to take them on a daily walk.

Bull Terrier
Bull terriers require lots of playtime.  They are perfect for large families, where they will get plenty of attention.  

This dog breed was made famous by Lassie!  They are very gentle and love to protect their family. 

These dogs are gentle and patient.  However, they prefer to spend time inside with their family (not outside in the yard).

For more tips on choosing the right dog breed for your home, check out this article.  You can also contact one of our offices with any questions you have about your pet.

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