What Fruits Can Your Pet Eat This Summer?


Want to give your pet a summer treat?  Certain fruits can be a refreshing and healthy snack for your furry friend.  Just be careful – not all food that is healthy for you is healthy for your pet.  Check out the list below for more information on what is healthy for your dog and what is not.  Pet owners should remember to never feed their pet human food unless they are 100% sure that the fruit is healthy for them.

Bananas, seedless watermelon, cantaloupe and berries like strawberries and blueberries are all OK for you dog to eat.  However, cherries and other pitted fruits like peaches are dangerous to pets.  Grapes are also toxic to pets and can cause serious health issues. 

Just remember – a significant change in diet can upset your pet’s stomach.  Give them fruit in moderate amounts as a special treat.  Check out this article for more tips on what you can and cannot feed your pet this summer.

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