What Information Should Your Pet’s Collar Contain?

As a pet owner, we view our furry loved ones as an extension of our family.  Many people care for their animal in the same way that they would care for a baby.  We worry when they get sick and try to prevent them from ever getting hurt.  However, accidents do happen.  The front gate could be left open allowing your dog to run off, or the window could be cracked a little too wide, giving your cat an easy door to the outside. 
It is essential that your pet wears a collar in the event this occurs and that it contains the necessary information needed to be returned home safely.  
Here is what your pet’s ID Tag should state:
  • The pets name
  • Your telephone number (Listing your cell phone number allows you to be easily accessible and reached.)
  • The city in which you reside.
  • If there is enough space and you feel comfortable, list your home address.
  • It is also wise to have your pet wear proof of a rabies vaccination.  This allows the person who finds him or her to feel safe knowing your pet is up to date on shots.  
For more information on pet ID tags, visit http://goo.gl/dxHjwb.
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