What is Your Holiday Budget for Your Pet?


This holiday season, some dedicated pet owners plan on surprising their pets with toys and treats. Are you one of those pet owners? In a AP-Petside Poll, 68 percent of pets across the nation can expect presents. One pet owner, Gayla McCarthy even says, “Christmas is about the pets.” (USA Today)

The annual budget for pet gifts comes to about $46. Some pet owners say they spend less to make their pets happy. Last year, Thomas Koch spent $8 on his dog and cats. His dog Jessie received toys while his cats had fun with catnip and play mice. (USA Today)

On the other hand, there are owners like Lauren Beard who spent $70 on her pets last year. She even buys presents for the neighborhood dogs. George Smith of Colo. tells USA Today pets are “part of the family, just like our kids.”

For some owners, pets make up a huge part of the family and they want to share the holiday spirit with them. Some inexpensive gifts to make your pet happy include treats, bones, bedding and grooming products. Enjoy the holidays with your furry friends and show them your love whether it is through a nice petting or some fun treats.

To read more on the USA Today article, please CLICK HERE.

Don’t forget to keep your pets happy and healthy this holiday season! Bring your pet to Bregman Veterinary Group for check ups and any concerns. For more information, visit us online at www.bregmanvetgroup.com.

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