What Kind of Snacks Are Best for your Pet?

Even though some foods might taste good, it doesn’t mean these
foods are doing good for our bodies. Snacking is only natural for humans as
well as animals. Cats and dogs enjoy treats as much as any human enjoys them.
The key is to find treats that are species-appropriate and/or contain high
quality ingredients. What better way to make sure your cat or dog is getting
the proper nutrition then to make their snacks for them!
Dr. Karen Becker, proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian,
gives simple recipes and instructions on creating your very own pet treats!
Whether it be crunchy beef cubes, turkeyballs, or simply frozen peas or raw
nuts, your pet deserves a treat. 

Click HERE to find out what you will need to satisfy
your pets cravings, while giving your pet proper nutrition! 

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