What to Do If Your Pet Has Fleas


Itchy Pet?  It’s flea season!  Unfortunately, warm weather also means that pet owners need to be on the lookout for fleas.  These small dark insects love warm and humid temperatures.  If your pet has fleas, here are a few tips to help get your pet back to being happy and healthy.

How to Treat Fleas:

  • Treat All Pets – If just one of your pets is infected with fleas, it’s important to treat all of them.  While fleas do not have wings, they do have strong legs that allow them to jump long distances.  It’s important that all of your pets are treated for fleas, including both indoor and outdoor pets.
  • Clean Your Home – Vacuum your rugs, wash your bedding and clean your upholstery.  This will help get rid of anywhere the fleas might have jumped to.
  • Visit Our Office – We can help you determine what flea treatment will be the best option for your pet.  There are topical, liquid shampoos, sprays and powders available on the market.  We will help you determine which prescription will be the safest and most effective option for your pet.
Check out this article for more tips on what to do when you discover your pet has flea.  You can also contact our office with any questions you have about how to care for your pets health.
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