What To Do When You Find A Lost Pet

Do you know what to do when
you find a lost pet?  Taking the right
action can help return the pet to his or her owner!  Here are a few steps to take if you find a pet that looks lost.
Lost Pet Tips:
  • Approach Carefully – Always use
    caution when approaching an unfamiliar pet.
    They may be frightened or injured. 
    If the pet is afraid, they may behave unpredictably. 
  • Check Tags – After you approach the
    pet, you should first check for tags.
    This will help you identify the owner. 
    Your local animal control office can provide you with information on how
    to use a dog license number to locate the number.
  • Check for a Microchip – If the pet
    doesn’t have visible tags, take the pet to our office or to a local
      The pet may be fitted with a
    microchip that is matched to the owner’s contact information.
  • Work with a Shelter or Animal Control
    Department –
    These organizations can help you find the lost pet’s
    owner, as they are the first place many pet owners come to look for a missing

If you have any questions about
what to do if you find a lost pet or how to care for your own pet, contact
Bregman Vet Group!  We even offer free microchips to help keep your own pet protected with any regularly priced spay or neuter!  This small chip is a great way to make sure your pet returns safely home in the unfortunate event they become lost.  Visit our website or call our office for more information.

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photo credit: Joybot via photopin cc

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