When Pets Gain Weight, Chronic Disease Grows

Chronic disease is on the rise in cats and dogs, but owners
are hesitant to visit the veterinarian to treat existing conditions, according
to the State of Pet Health 2012 Report, published by the Banfield Pet Hospital
In the five-year span from 2007 to 2011, dogs weight
increased 37 percent and obese cat cases increased by 90 percent. In 2011, one
out of every five cats and dogs were classified as obese or overweight.
Other chronic diseases were also diagnosed in both cats and
dogs, including a high percentage having arthritis, diabetes, high blood
pressure, kidney disease and hypothyroidism. 
When it comes to kidney disease, if cats are diagnosed in
the early stages, they live about two to three more years. Failure to diagnose
this disease right away could give cats about six months to live.
“The key to successful early disease diagnosis involves a
partnership between pet owners and their veterinarian to identify changes in a
pet’s overall health and behavior,” said Jeffrey Kausner, DVM, senior vice
president and chief medical officer for Banfield. “In partnership with pet
owners, we hope to reduce the number of pets living with undiagnosed or
unmanaged chronic diseases.”
If you have a pet that has gained a lot of weight, please
come see us at one of our Bregman Vet Hospitals so we can make sure your pet is
healthy and stays healthy.

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