When Should You Bring Your Cat to the Vet?


It’s not always easy to tell when our pets needs medical attention.  While we know to bring our pets in after a trauma or allergic reaction, other medical maladies aren’t as apparent!  

Here are a few signs it’s time to schedule a vet visit.

Signs to Lookout For:

  • Vocalizations – Meowing is your cat’s way of communicating with you.  Some cats are naturally more talkative than others, but it’s important to keep an eye out for loud meowing.  In some cases, vocalizations can be a sign of a medical problem.
  • Sneezing – A sneezy, runny nose can be a sign that your pet has a cold.  However, you should closely monitor your cat when he or she isn’t feeling well.  If your cat’s symptoms last longer than a normal cold, it could be a sign of a feline virus.  Make sure your pet has all the proper immunizations and bring her or him into the office for an exam.
  • Excessive Sleep – Cats can sleep for long periods of time.  However, if you notice that you cat would rather sleep than eat, drink or play, this is a sign that they may need medical attention.  Cats tend to sleep as a response to illness.  Even if your cat just has a cold – it’s still important that they eat and drink.  
  • Losing Fur – Cats love to groom – and fur loss isn’t always abnormal.  However, if you notice that your cat begins to groom in excess or begins to lose patches of fur, it’s time to schedule a visit with us.  Loss of fur can be a sign of ringworm, a fungal skin infection, or fleas.

Is it time to bring your cat into the office for a visit?  Give us a call!

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