Why Do Cats Love Cardboard Boxes?


Despite all the fancy cat toys you buy, nothing seems to beat the simplicity of a cardboard box.  What is it that makes these confined spaces so attractive to our feline friends?  

What Makes Cardboard So Intriguing:

It helps your cat feel safe.  Cats like to seek out confined spaces.  It’s actually an instinctual behavior that helps them to feel safe and secure.  In the wild, big cats seek out places where they can both hide from predators AND stalk their pray.  

Although we look at our cats, confused about why they enjoy fitting into an awkward space, it’s likely that your cat is using the box for safety and protection.

They’re curious. Cats are curious creatures.  Your cat might just enjoy exploring the box and enjoy the fun of playing with it!  As long as your cat is in a safe area, it’s perfectly fine to let them play with the cardboard box.

They like to chew.  Chew toys aren’t just for dogs.  Your cat likes to chew too, just make sure that your cat isn’t chewing an harmful materials.  Keep wires and cords away!

It’s comfortable.  Cardboard might not seem cozy, but when your cat is surrounded by four cardboard walls, they may feel relaxed and warm.  Boxes provide your cat with a safe place to sleep (after all, they sleep for up to 20 hours every day)!

Learn more about why your cat like cardboard here or here.

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