Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?


Have you ever noticed that your dog tilts his head when you speak?  Whether you’re calling your pup, or they hear a strange noise, they might cock their head in the appearance that they are listening to what is going on.  Here are a few possible reasons behind your furry friend’s cute response.

Why Dog’s Tilt Their Heads:
  • They’re Trying to See Better – Dogs use our words, inflection, facial expressions and body language to better understand how we are communicating with them.  Dogs with longer muzzles may tilt their heads because they have difficulty assessing your facial expressions with their vision obstructed.
  • They’re Conditioned To – There is no denying that a slight head tilt is adorable.  If you show your pet that you are affectionate after they tilt their head, it’s positive reinforcement.  This encourages the behavior and the more you continue to praise your dog, they more likely they are to continue repeating the behavior.
  • They’re listening – Like we might assume, it’s possible that your dog is tilting their head to try to identify your voice.  He may be trying to understand different tones or familiar words.
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