Why Do Our Pets Hide When They’re Sick?

Sometimes it can be frustratingly difficult to tell when our pets are injured or sick, and it’s mostly due to their own habits. As much as we might wish for our pets to be able to tell us when something is wrong, many pets will instinctively hide if they are not feeling well. If you notice your pet hiding, it’s definitely a good idea to bring them into your vet so they can get checked out to see if anything is wrong! But why do animals do this?

Your Pets Might Hide To Protect Themselves

The instinct to hide is based on behaviors that were beneficial when the animals were living in the wild. Wild cats and wolves hide when they are sick or injured in an attempt to protect themselves. If other animals can see that they are unwell, they’re at a greater risk of being attacked when they can’t defend themselves. It can be beneficial for them to hide until they are feeling better. Fortunately, our pets no longer have to fend for themselves when they’re sick, especially once you know that hiding is a warning sign!

What To Do Once You Know They’re Sick?

The most important first step is to take your pet to the vet so they can be checked out and your vet can go over treatment options. Your pet might be feeling sick thanks to an illness that can easily be treated with antibiotics so you can get them feeling better fast! If the problem is more involved, the sooner that you can get them seen, the sooner they will feel better. 

Once your pet is back home and you are helping them recover, they may still be tempted to hide. According to the American Humane Society, you can make them more comfortable by confining them to a quiet, comfortable space where they can feel out of the way and hidden but you can still check on them. Keeping them somewhere out of the way can also make it easier for you to find them to give them any prescribed medication. If your pet has been put on a special diet, keeping them separated from the other animals in your home can help you make sure that they are only eating their prescribed food — and that other pets are not eating it!

Remember To Always Get Your Pet Checked Out

The biggest thing to remember when your pet is exhibiting any unusual behavior like hiding is to bring them to the vet so they can be checked out as soon as possible so they can be feeling better and comfortable as fast as possible. Keep in mind that hiding can be a sign that something very serious is wrong and this isn’t a time to put off a vet visit! If you have concerns or questions about your pet’s behavior, contact the Bregman Vet Group to make an appointment for your pet in addition to talk about the questions you might have.

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