Why Does Your Cat Love to Nap?

Image Source: Flickr
Ever wondered why your
cat spends so much time sleeping?  On
average, cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day!  Here are a few reasons why your cat loves
to sleep
  • Active Hours – Many new cat owners
    find it surprising that cats are actually the most active at night.
      When you are getting ready for work, your cat
    will probably be getting ready for a nap.
    However, cats are also highly sociable and can adapt their sleeping habits
    to their feeding schedules.
  • Energy Reserve – Although cats are
    domesticated, they still retain the instinct to creep in the shadows and pounce
    on their pray.
      When your cat is
    sleeping, they are reserving energy for running, pouncing, climbing and
  • Sleeping Patterns – Cats switch
    between a light sleep and a deep sleep.
    doze off for fifteen minutes to a half hour at a time, positioning themselves so
    that they can spring up into action at any time.
      They alternate this with a  five minute deep sleep.
  • Weather – Just like us, cats tend to
    be sleepier on cold and rainy days.

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