Why Does Your Indoor Cat Need Parasite Prevention?


Did you know that 25% of cats with heartworm infections are strictly kept indoors?  

Parasite prevention is important – even for indoor cats!  Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to start taking steps towards preventing feline heartworm disease.  Whether your pet spends time outdoors on nice days or prefers to stay indoors, it’s still important that pet owners protect their feline friends from parasites this spring.

Why is parasite prevention important?

  • Cats LOVE Hunting – Cats are natural hunters.  This means that even though they spend most of their time indoors, your feline friend will jump at the opportunity to pounce on cockroaches, mice, and flies that carry roundworm eggs.
  • Spring Gardening Increases Risk – 15% of commercial potting soil conttains round-worm eggs, according to The Veterinary Record.  If you plan on keeping any potted plants indoors, this could increase your cats risk of coming into contact with the parasite.
  • High Populations of Roundworms – The Northeast has the highest prevalence of roundworms – higher than any other part of the country.  Even if your cat doesn’t go outside, you can unknowingly bring these parasites indoors when you come home.
If you have any questions about why parasite prevention is so important for your pet, contact our office.  Our experienced veterinarians can provide you with advice, as well as prevention tips and treatments for parasites and feline heartworm disease.

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