Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads


Does your dog tilt
their head when you speak or when they hear a strange noise?  It’s common for pets to tilt their head in
response. It looks like they are listening. 
Lots of pet owners find this move adorable, but why does your pet really tilt their head?

These are a few possible explanations:
  • Improve Hearing – A slight change in
    head position can provide a dog with the ability to more accurately locate the location
    and distance of a sound.
  • To Understand – When dogs listen to
    your voice, they are trying to identify familiar words or tones.
      This helps them associate what you are saying
    with a reward.
  • Vision – Facial expressions, body
    language and eye movements all play a role in being able to better understand
    what someone is saying.
      Dogs with longer
    muzzles have a particularly difficult time viewing a person’s face.
      Tilting their head could mean that they are
    trying to better see your expressions.
  • Positive Reinforcement – We love
    when dogs tilt their heads!
    We tend to be more positive or offer a treat when a dog tilts their head.  This reaction encourages the activity and
    they are more likely to repeat the gesture in the future.

Learn more about why your dog
might tilt their head here.  You can also contact Bregman Vet Group with any questions you
have regarding your pet.

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