Why Should You Microchip Your Cat?

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In the unfortunate event
that your pet goes missing, a microchip is a great way to identify your feline
friend.  Microchips
are identification tags used to help animal shelters and animal control
officers reunite you with your cat.  Here
are a few common questions that pet owners have about microchips.

Frequently asked

is it placed? –
The placement procedure is simple and only takes a few
minutes to complete.  The non-toxic computer
chip (about the size of a grain of rice) is placed under the skin in an area
that will not cause your cat discomfort.

When is
your cat ready? –
Health and stability are key factors in determining
when your kitten is ready for a microchip. 
Some kittens may be ready for placement as young as five weeks old.  Although the process is non-invasive, kittens
younger than five weeks old are still very fragile.

do they help with identification? –
Microchips contain information
regarding your phone number, home address and name.  Although the microchip cannot locate the
current position of your pet, they can help identify the owner once they are

How are
they better than identification tags? –
Identification tags can become
lost.  Microchips are a secure way to
make it easy to identify your pet. 
Animal Shelters and Animal Control Centers use microchips to quickly
reunite owners with their pets.

No one wants to think about their
pet going missing.  However, it is
important to be prepared when accidents happen. 
At Bregman Vet Group, we
recommend that all pet owners take the time to provide their pets with a
microchip.  We offer free microchip
services for cats and dogs with any regularly priced spay or neuter.  Contact
one of our Brooklyn or Long Island offices for details.

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