Why Shouldn’t You Scare Your Cats with Cucumbers?


You may have noticed a new trend on social media – scaring cats with cucumbers.  While the videos can be entertaining, we wanted to remind pet owners that it’s not a good idea to scare your feline friends.

Why is scaring your cat with a cucumber a bad idea?

It turns out, your cat probably isn’t afraid of the cucumber itself, according to National Geographic.

Cats are startled by the cucumbers appearing when they aren’t looking.  The sudden appearance of a cucumber (or any object) can be very stressful for cats.  When cats are in places that they associate with comfort and safety, like their food dish, they take their guard down.  When a cucumber unexpectedly appears while they have their head down, it can be startling.  As a result, cats leap into the air, and run away from the cucumber when it seemingly appears out of nowhere.

You want your cat to always feel comfortable in your home.  Instead of sneaking up behind them, you should always gradually introduce new toys and objects to your cat.  This will help them get comfortable with the new object – rather than startling them in a way that could cause distress.

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