Why You Should Adopt a Senior Pet

Adopting a new pet is quite the exciting event, not only for
children, but for people of all ages. While the majority of people can’t resist
a puppy/kitten, this may not be he most practical choice for everyone. There
are many reasons why a senior pet may be the perfect addition to your family.

            Just like
humans, the personality of an animal changes as they grow. Once a dog/cat
reaches adulthood their temperaments become stable. Say you were to bring home
a puppy or kitten. They may be cute and cuddly to begin with but that can
change rather quickly. You don’t want to risk having that animal become
aggressive, hyperactive or even anxious. Most of the time, with a senior pet,
what you see is what you get. This is especially important in families with
children and/or other pets.

             One of the hardest and most time consuming
parts of owning an animal is training them. When it comes to senior pets, the
majority are already familiar with certain skills. Most older dogs know the
basics which include sit, stay and down. Another advantage is that most adult
pets are housebroken. Dogs are likely to let you know when they need to go out
while cats are already accustomed to using a little box. Having a pet that is
already familiar with these skills can greatly reduce the stress that comes
along with training.

            Another highly
important benefit of choosing a senior pet that is often overlooked is the fact
that they are already full grown. This applies more to dogs than cats as they
have the potential to become much larger. A first time dog owner may bring home
a puppy and quickly become overwhelmed by the rate at which they grow. Not only
is this a size issue but also a money issue. The bigger the animal, the more it
costs to take care of them.

            There are MANY
important factors to consider when choosing a new pet. Remember that cats/dogs
quickly become members of the family. Be sure to explore all of your options
before giving either of these animals a forever home.

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