Why Your Pet Should Steer Clear of the Valentine’s Day Chocolate

It is a well-known fact that dogs should never eat
chocolate, as it can be very deadly. It might be less known that cats should
also not have a bite of a chocolate bar, but have you ever wondered why such a
sweet treat for humans can be so toxic for our furry friends? Chocolate
contains theobromine and caffeine. Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid of the
cacao plant and can be very harmful to cats, and deadly to dogs. This compound
mainly impacts the heart when chocolate is eaten, but the symptoms your furry
friend will likely exhibit do not always present themselves immediately.
When Cats Eat
When a cat ingests chocolate, they may begin to show
symptoms such:
Increased by temperature and reflex responses
Muscle rigidity
Rapid breathing and increased heart rate
Low blood pressure
As with any pet, these symptoms will depend on how much your
chocolate has been consumed. You should be aware that milk and semi-sweet
chocolate are the most harmful to animals as the number of toxic compounds
found in these chocolates are increased as opposed to darker chocolate.
When Dogs Eat
The same goes for cats applies to dogs. Depending on how
much chocolate your pup consumes, he or she will start to show signs of chocolate
toxicity that include:
Abnormal heart rhythms and/or increased heart
Increased thirst
Elevated blood pressure
Tremors or the possibility of collapse
Elevated body temperatures

As for what to do if your dog or cat gets a bite of your
Valentine’s Day chocolate (or any other chocolate for that matter), be sure to contact us immediately. We will be here
to help you and cannot stress enough how important it is to stay calm, as your
pet can easily pick up on your behavior. Here’s to a happy and chocolate-free
Valentine’s Day for our furry friends!

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