Winter Exercises for your Pets!

During the winter months, it can be
difficult to find motivation for you and your pet to get outside and exercise.

Typically smaller breeds with short
hair require some additional cozy apparel to stay warm outdoors.  With a few simple tricks and the right
apparel, you can train your pet to be much more enthusiastic about playing
outdoors in the cold weather!
Try enticing your pet with
off-leash exercise, to encourage more aerobic activity, which helps them stay
warm.  Walking your pet in wooded areas
can protect them from the wind and introduces them to rich smells, sounds and
sites that may distract them from the cold weather. 

When winter brings snow, it can be
harsh on the paws of your dog because of de-icers that contain chemicals.  A simple solution is canine booties, also
“Musher’s Secret” which is a waxy substance that you can apply to their paws
for protection.  When exercising outdoors
with your furry companion make sure they have access to shelter and water at
all times.  You can also try some indoor
activities like tug of war with your dog, which involves physical exertion that
can keep them in shape.  Winter is also a
great time to enroll your pet in indoor training classes.   These are a few good ways to improve the
behavior and obedience of your pet in a heated facility that is comfortable for
the both of you!

The Bregman Vet Group encourages you to
maintain your pet’s health, even in the winter season!  Try and enjoy some exercise together, and be
sure to visit your veterinarian regularly throughout the cold winter months! 

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