Winter Storm Pet Safety Tips!


Winter storm Nemo is taking the Northeast by storm! Are you
prepared? It’s extremely important to be prepared to ensure maximum safety
during storms.

Here a few safety tips for your furry friends to remember
throughout winter storm Nemo! Let us know if you have any additional tips on
our Facebook page, linked HERE!

Potty breaks – Once the snow piles up, you won’t want to let
your pet out into deep snow. Keep an area shoveled close to the door to
encourage your pet to go to. Keep a close eye on your pet if you’re letting
them outside to take care of business!

Beware of Cats Under Cars – Often times during storms, cats
will look to seek shelter wherever they can. One of their favorite spots is
your car’s engine compartment. Tap on your engine before starting your car to
double check that no one is hiding in there!

Antifreeze – Antifreeze is deadly! Some pets are often drawn
to the thick, sweetness of antifreeze. However, just a few licks could be
deadly to your pet. Keep antifreeze and all other poisons safely secured in a
spot where your pet cannot reach them. Also check that your car isn’t leaking

Bring your pets indoors – To ensure maximum safety, this
goes without saying! Keep your pets inside as much as possible!

Beware of signs for hypothermia and know what frostbite looks
like on your pets! Visit for more information. If you think your pet is suffering from hypothermia, wrap them in a warm blanket and call the vet immediately. 

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