World Rabies Day- September 28, 2012!

Tomorrow, September 28th is World
Rabies Day
!  It is a day created by
the Global Alliance for Rabies Control group and is recognized by over 150
nations.  The goal of World rabies day is
to promote information on rabies control and reduce the amount of rabies cases
by maintaining proper animal vaccination and control, as well as providing
access to the necessary medical care for those infected. 

“Rabies is completely preventable.  We want people to understand the importance
of vaccinating against the disease,” said Dr.
Leon Russell
, a professor in the Texas A&M College of Veterinary
Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.  Even
with treatment available, more than 55,000 people per year die from a rabies
bite worldwide.  Rabies can be contracted
from dogs and cats to skunks and raccoons. 

In addition, Russell recommends that owners should take the
necessary precautions and pets should always be routinely vaccinated against

If your pet is in need of vaccination, or treatment please
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