Would You Bring Your Pet to a Pet Psychic?


Recently, ABC News interviewed Melissa Bacelar, an actress
turned pet psychic.

Bacelar owns seven dogs and three rabbits and uses her psychic abilities to not only communicate with her pets, but the pets of others as well. Thanks to her telepathic abilities, she is able to understand what the animal is feeling based on messages they send through.

Bacelar couldn’t ignore her strong
connection to animals so she started taking classes to concentrate more on using
her psychic ability properly.

Although dog whispering is Bacelar’s strong point, she holds
sessions with both her clients and their pets to help the pair communicate and
understand each other better.

While some may not believe her ability, Bacelar’s clients know she is capable of communicating with pets because
she verifies something only the pet and owner will know.

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