Yes, Your Dog CAN Get a Sunburn!

officially here. That means sunny days, lemonade and trips to the ballpark. For
your dog, it may also mean getting sunburnt. That’s right, animals can get
sunburns as well.
Does My Dog Need Sunscreen?
your dog is going to be outdoors for a prolonged period of time, yes, he or she
needs sunscreen. Dogs with light skin and white fur/hair are the most
susceptible to sunburn. According to Richard Goldstein, chief medical officer
of the Animal Medical Center in New York City, “A dog’s skin can be damaged by
the sun just like our own skin, so they require the same protection against the
development of sunburn and skin cancer.”
exposure is at its highest during early morning (10 am) to late-afternoon (4
pm). If your dog finds themselves outside for a significant duration of time
during this period, note that you should reapply sunscreen to the sensitive
areas – nose, around the lips, tips of the ears, the groin and the belly.
What Kind of Sunscreen
Should I Use?
recommended sunscreen for dogs is sunscreen that is designated for dog use.
Such sunscreens don’t pose a health risk to your dog. However, if dog sunscreen
isn’t available, a broad-spectrum sunscreen for babies and children (SPF 15 or
higher) can be used. Just note, if going the broad-spectrum route, to check the
label for the following two ingredients: zinc oxide and para-aminobenzoic acid
(PABA).  Both of these are toxic for
dogs. You must use a broad-spectrum sunblock that does not contain these

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