Your Cat’s Lazy Habits May Be Causing Skin Cancer!

It seems as though cat’s have the life! They get to sleep all day; play every once in a while; and eat when they want to. As someone who has children, wakes up every morning- usually before the sun rises, works all day and then tends to the kids at night, I wish I could have the lifestyle of a cat sometimes! I’m sure many of you can relate.
But, cats have some similar concerns that humans do! We, as humans, have to worry about sun damage to our skin, which can result in skin cancer if we don’t take the proper precautions. Well, cat’s can also get skin cancer when lying in the sun for long periods of time, just like humans! 

The UVA rays that pass through the windows can penetrate deep into the cat’s skin, causing skin cancer, usually squamous cell carcinoma ( The regions of the body that can be harmed the most are the ears, nose or places where the hair is thin.
So, while it looks like your cat is enjoying his or her’s lazy afternoon, they may be causing more harm then relaxation to their skin. 
Putting shades up to protect your cat from getting this type of skin cancer is a good idea. Also, you could apply ultraviolet-blocking film to the window, which will stop the harmful UVA rays from penetrating the skin, but will keep the heat flowing through the windows to warm your feline friend.
Now your pet can go back to the good-old-days without having to be concerned about damaging their skin and health.
Call one of the Bregman Vet Hospitals if you are worried about your cat developing skin cancer from too much sunlight. We will answers any of your questions!

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