Your Pet’s Health is Important to Your Family’s Health


Keeping your family pet free of illness and disease
can prove just as beneficial for your family as it is for your pet. Humans are
definitely not immune to diseases that animals carry so it is important to keep
your pet healthy. In order to keep your pet and family safe, you must learn
about the animal you want, and then take care of it accordingly, says the dean of veterinary medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Joan Hendricks.
you must understand your pet’s behavior. Knowing about the breed’s requirements
for a healthy life is important in matching them to your family. Not satisfying
a pet’s natural tendencies can lead to them getting sick, and behavioral disorders.

finding the right breed for your family, training your pet properly is crucial
for the safety of your family and others. A simple bite or scratch can spread a
disease to your family.

up after your pet should be an obvious way to prevent the spread of illness,
but it is often looked over. Keeping up with your pets waste is important,
especially if you have small children because they are more likely to put hands
in their mouth.

Keep up
with the medical records of your pet and make frequent veterinarian stops with
a young animal. Make sure your pet’s teeth are healthy to avoid bacteria and
large veterinarian bills. At the least, a once per year visit is necessary!

Trust in
your pet food. A varying diet and overfeeding could upset your pet’s stomach or
lead to obesity. Scraps from the table will do more harm than good (Vegetables
are okay for dogs, not cats). The science behind pet food is highly advanced
and will keep your pet in the best condition.

For more information on how to keep your pet in good health, please contact the Bregman Veterinary Group  by calling any one of our locations or by visiting us on the web

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